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NYDFS Proposes Overhaul to Mortgage Loan Servicer Business Conduct Rules

The New York Department of Financial Services has proposed significant changes to the mortgage servicer business conduct rules found in Part 419 of the Superintendent’s Regulations.  The proposed changes represent the first major changes to Part 419 since its adoption nearly 10 years ago.  Some of the significant proposed changes to Part 419 include:

  • Adding new provisions governing affiliated business arrangements, which would include a requirement that such relationships be negotiated at market rate, restrictions on certain kick-backs and a requirement to provide borrowers with a written disclosure of the relationship;
  • Restricting a servicer from charging a property valuation fee to a borrower more than once in a 12-month period;
  • Broadening a servicer’s duty of fair dealing to include ability to repay requirements for loan modifications and that a servicer consider foreclosure alternatives;
  • Broadening the protections available to delinquent borrowers and borrowers seeking loss mitigation assistance to more closely align with the CFPB’s Mortgage Servicing Rules, including a requirement that acknowledgment notices be delivered more quickly than under the current rules and providing borrowers with additional time to accept or reject a loss mitigation offer; and
  • Detailed third party vendor management requirements, which would require a servicer to maintain policies and procedures overseeing third party providers generally and more specific requirements for overseeing counsel and trustees of foreclosure proceedings.

Our June 20 client advisory provides greater detail on the proposed changes to Part 419.  In the meantime, we note that the deadline for comment on the proposal is June 29, 2019.  Mortgage servicers should take this opportunity to review the proposed changes to Part 419 against their current operations to determine the impact these rules would have if adopted in their current form.